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Our non-profit organization has implemented so far, eight projects with 4 NGOs in Sri Lanka with a total amount of about € 100,000. These are microcredit and training programs for income generation, where the average loan amount per individual is about € 80.

So far we were able to help about 1,700 borrowers and their families’This number will be increased year by year because loans are available for new borrowers.

Besides microcredit projects, we also provided more than 30 Watertanks to schools in the Central Highlands where Water is necessar for children everyday to cook, drink, and other purposes.

Future projects

Currently we want to expand the activities of the association, increase its geographic focus and thus implement projects in other countries (For 2015-2016, we plan to implement 3 projects in Vietnam, Uganda and Sri Lanka). We expect to gain more financial opportunities in order to make larger projects. It’s called “Action for income-generating activities through training and small loans in developing countries”.