Sri Lanka projects

I- Water tanks projects in Central Highland - EPSEO 

1. Project objectives: 

- Promote and protect health of plantation students and leads to enjoy right to water and health.

- Improve the status of sanitation facility.

- Improve friendly environment to support learning activities.

- Reduce students drop-out and absentees

- Reduce teachers transfer causing without water facility

- Maintain the continuity of the studies

- Reduce infections of illness.

2. The results: 

- 2010: 12 water tanks were installed for 11 schools in Central Highland.

- 2013: 22 water tanks were installed for 22 school in Central Highland.

3. Implementation Organization: EPSEO

4. Sponsor: North South Foundation, Berlin, Germany.

water tank



II. Strengthening of Micro Finance Program through Training of Women Members on Skill Development - INDECOS

1. Objectives:

To improve living conditions of women entrepreneurs through economic, social and health development.

Specific Objectives

  1. Women entrepreneurs would be able to strengthen the income through micro finance program.

2. Women entrepreneurs and their family members would be able to maintain better health & nutritious stranded through awareness training and practical application.

3. Women members could gain social recognition and positions in the society through economic & leadership development.

4. Appropriate technology in production and model home gardens will assist to produce quality goods and nutritious vegetables.        

 2. Duration: 2011-  2013

 3. Partner: INDECOS

  4. Sponsor: BMZ

  5. Activities:

a. Training Programs for Women Entrepreneurs

  Business Development Training

       business training

* Leadership Training for Women Entrepreneurs

Leadership training


* Home Gardening

Home gardening

* Skill Development Training

 Since women entrepreneurs are using traditional methods and not familiar with new technology. We provided training according to their needs. Due to expanding tourism industry in the area, mushroom can become a need for the new tourist hotels. Mushroom is nutritious and demandable item.    

b. Loan released

We have implemented 2 projects with Indecos with total amount 20.000 Euro and we were able to provide loans for more than 150 ladies to start their own business.

Micro credit sri lanka


III. Poverty alleviation among the members of the target group, leading to the improvement of the standard of living of the families concerned.( Economically Empowered women.)




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